Marketing/Product Development

Market Research and Analysis - This exercise can be daunting but absolutely necessary; we can help you get the most for your efforts when looking at a new product/service or expanded market, such as:

  • Understand the size and competitive landscape for the product or market location
  • Develop practical tactics to get your product rolled out, including selling/distribution options
  • Develop practical budget


Market Segmentation and Tactics - How you differentiate and develop your customer groups and referral partners has a huge impact on your revenues; let us help you get it right by:

  • Performing classic customer segmentation to get your marketing and sales priorities right
  • Reviewing the cost effectiveness of referral/reseller partner incentives
  • Reviewing and analyzing your online versus offline tactics


Make vs. Buy Decision Analysis - Specialized outsourcing options for products and services are available; let us help you with:

  • Analyzing actual costs and true savings of outsourcing options
  • Introductions to contract manufacturers
  • Exploring strategic partnerships to acquire product or service capability