Business/Strategic Planning

Strategic Analysis and Written Plan - We can help you develop or refine your plan and capture it in a succinct living document which continues to guide your team. We can assist you:

  • Develop a unique value proposition
  • Capture annual key objectives under balanced score card headings – People, Customers, Operations, Finances
  • Assign responsibility and monitor project progress on key objectives
  • Develop a plan to help raise funding


Mission, Vision, and Values Development - These core principles matter if you want to build a sustainable business; they'd better be more than what's on the plaque in the lobby. Let us show you how to:

  • Use core principles to keep your business focused
  • Involve team members in developing stories to add unique meaning to your principles
  • Use core principles to evaluate senior leaders, especially to reward living out principles with team members


Financial Planning and Budgeting - Let us help you reduce the time and increase the usefulness of the budgeting process, including timely key metrics

  • Integrate your budget with your annual planning process
  • Develop budgets which help you flag issues and take corrective action
  • Develop and use key metrics to spot potential problems and act quickly to correct course


Business Succession Planning - We can help you maximize your company’s value for outright sale or transition to family members or employees. We can add value through:

  • Process improvement and cost reduction
  • Leadership development among your key team members


SBA Loan Package Assistance - Let us help you:

  • Find a SBA lender or non-bank financing source
  • Include the right business plan elements to increase the likelihood of approval
  • Use the plan to guide your leadership


501(c)(3) Application Assistance for Non-Profits – We can guide you to:

  • Take advantage of the short form, If possible
  • Use the application to give you a head start on your business/ministry plan
  • Develop a budget for the application which you can actually use in your operations


Implementation Guidance - This can be done on a consulting or coaching basis. A great written plan that doesn’t get implemented has no value to your company.