HR Development/Team Building

HR Documentation and Processes- To feel like team members, employees need clear company expectations and direction; get your documentation and processes right to grow your people, not just employ them. Get help with:

  • Employee handbook improvements
  • Hiring processes
  • Annual employee development plans
  • Performance measurements and reviews
  • Salary and benefits evaluation


Practical Personality Coding- Several good tools exist; we use one recently developed, being integrated in Harvard Business School curricula, and can be used by any team member to quickly code self and others as a tool for improved communication and team work

  • Review BANK system at, supported by years of research and field testing to address shortcomings of Myers-Briggs, DISC, and others
  • Learn how to apply tools to enhance team member and salesperson interaction


Executive Coaching/Team Dynamics- Little is done in growing companies outside of teams; we can coach key executives to enhance their leadership and develop teams with improved morale, purpose, and results. This can include:

  • Key individual leadership coaching and accountability
  • Education and coaching around team dynamics
  • Project management and participation skills