Business Process Improvement

Process/Data Gathering and Analysis - When you have a broken process, you must find the root cause(s) to fix the problem; we know how to map processes, gather data, and apply analytical tools to chart improvement.

  • Apply the classic steps to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control a process
  • Reach out and clearly understand value from the customer’s perspective
  • Gather meaningful data and apply the right analytical tools to eliminate steps which don’t add value


Automation Opportunities - Many processes can be dramatically improved through IT automation tools, but only after the process has been fixed or improved through simplifying and standardizing. Opportunities include:

  • Use of workflow software passing digitized documents, not paper
  • Elimination of any duplicate data entry
  • Automatic data capture from forms


Metrics for Ongoing Monitoring/Continuous Improvement - You can manage what you can measure; we'll show you how to cost effectively capture and monitor meaningful metrics so your team can continue to improve processes with customer retention and bottom line impact. These metrics often include:

  • Error rates
  • Customer survey results
  • Cost/benefit analysis to justify further improvements and automation
  • Throughput rates and wait times to act on