Client Projects

Improved Team Member Performance and Case Management for a Law Firm


The managing partner of a 10-person law firm asked us to address performance and communication concerns among their attorneys and legal assistants.  We produced an Employee Policy Handbook (none existed previously), held sessions to communicate the key policy aspects, and led coaching sessions on productivity and effective billing techniques.  Clear goals were established, communicated, and monitored.

We also reviewed the firm's case management process and partially implemented software for improvement opportunities.  Through process mapping and reviewing the software's capabilities, we made changes which better standardized how these cases were handled and communications occurred with the client, reduced the case cycle times, and created potential for 10-15% increase in billable time for two attorneys.

Process Improvement/Technology Implementation for a Leading Remodeling Contractor


Because of rapid growth this remodeling contractor was looking for ways to increase its replacement window and door production capacity (customer contract to completion of installation) without just adding overhead.  Through process mapping and analysis we identified opportunities to create a leaner process with manual improvements and automation and to reduce wait times between major steps - about a 20% time reduction in the whole cycle with fewer rework issues.

Also, they had purchased document management/workflow software but were struggling with its implementation.  We evaluated the software and found that the product and company were sound but weren't providing adequate project management.  We put some structure around the discovery process for the software company to help them gather system configuration requirements.  Part of that effort involved mapping most of the company's accounting processes to make it easier to configure automated workflows.  Some of those process were leaned out (made more efficient) before being automated.

Accounts Payable Process Improvement and Automation for an Office Automation Equipment Dealer


This equipment dealer is rapidly evolving from its core offering of managed office equipment (copiers and dedicated/multi-function printers) to IT managed services and document management software (DMS) with workflow.  They want to apply DMS technology to their internal systems but recognized the value of first applying Lean Office concepts to their processes.  We were engaged to help them and decided to start with Accounts Payable.  We mapped all related processes from Issuance of a Purchase Order to Payment of a Vendor Invoice.  Our analysis indicates that they should be able to save time equivalent to two-thirds of a full-time accounting staff person.  We will manage the actual DMS implementation, which starts soon.