About Us


Bruce Murchison

Consulting Principal

Bruce has a diverse background in Business Planning, Process Improvement, Marketing, and Technology with over thirty years as a consultant, manager, and business development professional.  He has been a change agent, focused on sound strategy to build more purposeful and profitable businesses and organizations.  His clients have run the size gamut of start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Bruce has provided services to a wide range of industries, including medical, legal, and other professional services, medical device and other manufacturing, food processing, retail, distribution, construction, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, state and local government, and non-profits.

After completing a MBA at the University of Texas, Bruce joined Deloitte Consulting and helped a wide variety of businesses and public agencies to assess and improve planning, organizational structure, business processes, performance management, and technology.  He grew to understand the opportunity of technology to dramatically improve business processes when coupled with well-defined needs and business objectives.  He also qualified as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), a designation reserved for those with documented client service excellence over at least five years plus review by a diverse peer panel.  He is also a Certified Lean Implementer candidate and has completed other continuing education in strategic planning, marketing strategies, and executive coaching.

Bruce has served as the Chief Administrative Officer for two regional law firms and Padgett Stratemann & Company, CPAs.  He directed all business planning, budgeting, accounting and financial reporting, technology, office operations, facilities management, support staff supervision, and benefits.  At Padgett Stratemann, he transitioned to lead a process improvement and technology consulting practice.

He has other consulting and sales experience with several business software and technology service companies.  These products involved primarily mid-market and enterprise accounting, operations, metrics, human resources, document management, team collaboration, sales management, and process/workflow management.  These experiences gave him additional insights on how to plan and apply technology to achieve business objectives, as well as how to create and manage sophisticated marketing and sales processes.  He was also a founding principal of two successful technology software and service companies.  He led the business planning and development, financing/banking relationships, and administration for these ventures.

Most recently, he was involved in a major project through Kaeppel Consulting with a Fortune 500 transportation fuels refiner to lead multiple process improvement projects and teams to build a culture of continuous improvement in their CFO organization.

His professional and community involvement includes:

  • ASQ (formerly American Society for Quality)
  • Technology Connexus Association of San Antonio
  • Christian Business Chamber of Commerce, Board Member


  Ryan Douglas

      People, Process, and Performance Consultant


Ryan has more than 15 years of leadership and management experience in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas. His greatest passion can be summed up simply: People. He has the heart of a coach and an unparalleled passion for helping individuals and teams reach their fullest potential. Recognized as a skilled change agent, Ryan has a flair for developing creative change management strategies customized for the specific needs of teams and organizations in transition. Whether by more conventional strategic planning approaches or by more out-of-the-box methodologies, Ryan has helped teams define and achieve unity around shared mission, vision, and values.

After graduating with honors from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Political Science, Ryan spent more than 10 years working in the transportation industry, for UPS, in various industrial engineering and operations management roles. As an Industrial Engineering Supervisor, he partnered with operations teams to develop operating plans and continuous improvement strategies to enhance quality, reliability, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Ryan recognized early in his management career, though, that even the most well-developed operating plans and improvement strategies couldn’t yield the greatest results unless leadership kept a constant pulse on the prevailing culture of the organization. He works tirelessly to help leaders at all levels identify proper steps to take to achieve and maintain a healthy and productive culture.

Ryan also currently leads an amazing team responsible for the production and distribution of 4,000 printed materials to more 400,000 members in 40 countries for a global non-profit headquartered in San Antonio.  More than 80 million pieces are produced and 70,000 cartons of materials shipped annually. Ryan and his team also direct a volunteer program whereby volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours each year. He has presided over and has been a member on safety, security and compliance committees for more than 10 years. He has been able to help multiple organizations improve their safety culture by performing audits and providing needed coaching. Ryan is a respected and influential leader in team environments. He is extremely relationship oriented and motivational. He recognizes that promoting innovative thinking at all levels of an organization will lead to more creative and robust solutions and enhancements than if innovation is limited only to the C- suite. Under his leadership, teams have challenged many legacy systems, automating with appropriate technology applications, thus optimizing and transforming operations.

His professional and community involvement includes:

  • Project Management
  • Quality Texas Foundation Examiner Training
  • Member, San Antonio Manufacturers Association


 Blake Lemoi

    Digital Strategy Consultant